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Science Club

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Sponsor: Mr. Etienne
Meeting Times - Wednesdays - B Lunch Room 304

The Science Club is an opportunity for students to develop practical and conceptual skills in science. Current projects with the Science Club include the following:

Model City

Photo of the Model City in a classroom

The first is to create a model green city to be used as an educational tool in communicating the technologies of sustainable energy.  We are attempting to combine hydro, solar, and wind energy to power the city.  An increase in entropy is unavoidable, but this project aims to build ideas about how to decrease the current rate at which it is increasing, even though it will still inevitably increase.

Raspberry Pi Weather Station

The second is to setup and run a small weather station to engage students in computer science as well as meteorology.  We are new to this project, so we will have to first build the weather station, write code to interface with the sensors and learn aspects of the wonderful world of computation.  Once we get everything working we will deploy the station to an appropriate location within school grounds and begin collecting data.  Once we get the data, we do as scientist do, and interpret the data.  Hopefully we will be able to predict the weather.


The Cosmic Ray Detector is a tool used to detect atmospheric Muons. Muons are fundamental particles, like electrons, which decay rather quickly.  These particular Muons are created when larger particles, like protons, decay in the atmosphere. Working with this detector is an excellent way to get introduced to the ideas of particle physics as well as high-grade science. Our usage of this detector is part of a national effort to get capable high school students engaged in quality science.